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A musician and music educator by trade, Kevin Lane has had a love of cameras and photography ever since childhood, when he would watch his Uncle Jonesy document his family’s lives and travels almost on a daily basis on color slides. Kevin got his first real camera (a Minolta XG-1) with his first teacher paycheck in 1980 and followed in the footsteps of his uncle by recording family activities and travels, largely on Kodachrome. It wasn’t long before he was reaching for a different type of photography that tries to capture glimpses of time and design, pattern, and light. When digital photography came along and Kodachrome became harder to get and process, Kevin captured his family’s lives with a digital camera. However, three years ago be got his old film cameras out of the closes and began shooting film again, developing and scanning the negatives himself at home. Recently, Kevin has returned to darkroom printing, resulting in photographs that are completely handmade and devoid of any digital process. He along with his brother, Kelley, now produce a podcast, Uncle Jonesy’s Cameras, which is devoted to sharing all they have learned along the way.


Kevin lives in his beloved hometown of Chattanooga with the love of his life, Debbie.

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